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Greta Cecutti – Clinical Psychologist in Training

Greta Cecutti

Greta Cecutti is a Post Graduate Trainee at the University of Hertfordshire, in Hatfield. In October 2016 she obtained the Masters Degree in Clinical and Dynamic Psychology at Padua University focused on Symbolic Interactionism. Her graduate dissertation was a narrative analysis of a single case and the process by which the client changed his or her attribution of meaning in relation to his or her issues. Greta has experience as an educator embedded in her internship (350 hours) in a Cooperative in Padua that works with adolescent people. She also has collaborated for years with an association that supports social inclusion of foreign people in Padua. Now she is about to become a Clinical Psychologist and her first six months training are funded by the Erasmus Plus for Traineeship Program. Thanks to the collaboration and training with Professor David Winter, Greta’s collaboration with EASE Wellbeing is aimed to integrate the Repertory Grid Technique with the intervention implemented at EASE Wellbeing.

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