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Josh Trober - Expert by experience


Josh Trober is young man working part-time as an expert by experience due to him being on the autism spectrum disorder, fulfilling some objectives of his and some in aid of the development of EASE. He also has a version of Tourette’s that expresses as twitching.

He likes to be in an ordered and logical environment, so EASE fulfils an objective to be in a less certain space that requires him to be flexible. He also attends conferences about current thinking in psychological therapy development so extends his horizons and challenges himself in the public arena.

He provides EASE with personal experience of his struggles that is used to extend understanding around working with people such as Josh who have a diagnosis but for whom there is a paucity of treatment opportunities.

He has aspirations to be involved in the world of the internet and perhaps entertainment and is keen to reach people so there is further understanding of people such as him.

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