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Lucy Arnold - Accredited Counsellor

Lucy Arnold

Lucy is an accredited Integrative Counsellor with two professional bodies. She works as a counsellor at EASE wellbeing assessing and working with clients within in a GP practice in primary care.

Lucy has experience working within an integrative framework in a number of settings including NHS, Mind, and substance misuse and recovery agencies. Lucy believes the quality of the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client is foundational to enable change. Lucy views clients in a holistic way integrating all aspects of human functioning within her way of working to enable change. Lucy obtained her Diploma in Higher Education in Counselling from Roehampton University. Prior to this, Lucy graduated with a masters degree in Molecular Genetics and Counselling from Imperial College and spent a number of years writing medical information for the public. She obtained her bachelor of science in Psychology undergraduate degree from City University undertaking qualitative research at the Institute of Psychiatry during this time. Lucy has an interest in the application of an existential-phenomenological approach within primary care.

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