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Psychological Therapy Services

Welcome to EASE support, psychotherapy, counselling and associated services.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide timely, cost-effective, personalised and recovery-focused treatments to all people in distress in a timely, accessible, professional and effective manner. The focus of EASE treatments is to understand the essential qualities of experiences as narrated by clients in terms of their relationship to themselves, to others and to their worlds. This shifts the focus of words like “depression” and “anxiety” as an illness towards an understanding of experience.

How we work

Figures suggest that 1 in 5 people will suffer from some form of mental health difficulty at some point in their lives. By working collaboratively with people who approach us, we are able to assess how their difficulties impact their ability to live a satisfying or fulfilling life and identify how they may wish to engage in a process of therapy to recover, discover create ways of responding to life and creating a sense of purpose, meaning and sense of living that they aspire towards and can achieve. Further, EASE has and continues to receive referrals from GPs and other healthcare professionals, delivering interventions within local practices and at the EASE Wellbeing offices. Our team is able to assess and treat individuals either in one of our offices or on a secure digital platform during office hours at out of hours and at weekends and also to refer individuals to other specialist services or community resources where appropriate.

Our in-house therapists are qualified in a number of approaches. All sessions are monitored to allow clients and their referrers where appropriate to be up-dated with progress and outcome measures which are quantitative as well as qualitative. This ensures that each person is continuously in touch with how they are doing and committed to paying attention to what is helpful and what progress they are making in their efforts to recover from their difficulties.

Our services treat a range of difficulties that individuals experience and describe as anxiety, depression, phobias, bereavement, addiction, relationship difficulties, anger and stress management.

Read about the process & benefits of our psychotherapy services for GPs within the NHS or for information contact us at ease@easewellbeing.co.uk.

Interview at regents

Martin Adams interview with Mark Rayner on the current projects of EASE Wellbeing in the field of short existential psychotherapy.