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Practice Based Evidence Study

Structure and Principles for a Short-Term Psychological Therapy

Mark Rayner and Randolph Quinault have written a chapter ‘Lost for words: using Existential Experimentation in a GP practice’ which describes how EASE Wellbeing works with clients, allowing them to occupy the therapeutic space and gives a case study example of how this manifests in practice.

Existential Experimentation- an exploration of the theme naked and dangerous 2017

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IMEC Conference 2021 – Hope and Despair

Society of Existential Analysis- ‘Naked and Dangerous’Conference 2017

IMEC and ICPCP Conference 2017 – Constructivist methods and Existential therapy

SEA 2015 – Being & Doing

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SEPI 2014 – How Psychotherapy Integration is Put into Practice

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