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Counselling Placement Opportunities at EASE Wellbeing

At EASE Wellbeing, we are committed to supporting the next generation of talking therapy professionals. Our placement opportunities offer aspiring counsellors and therapists the chance to gain valuable experience in a supportive and professional environment.

What We Offer

Supervised Clinical Experience: Work directly with clients under the supervision of experienced supervisors.

Diverse Client Base: Engage with clients facing a variety of challenges, including anxiety, depression, bereavement, and relationship issues.

Professional Development: Attend regular training sessions and workshops to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Supportive Environment: Receive continuous support and feedback from our dedicated team.

Exclusive approach: Our therapy approach, developed over more than a decade, is exclusively humanistic and draws substantially from existential principles. It is applicable to both short and long-term forms of therapy. We encourage trainees to only apply if they are interested in learning and practicing this evidence-informed approach.


Educational Background: Currently enrolled in or recently completed a recognized counselling or psychotherapy program.

Commitment: Availability for a minimum of a year, with at least one day per week dedicated to placement. We ask all of our therapists to see clients online as well as in person.

Professionalism: Adherence to ethical guidelines and a commitment to maintaining client confidentiality.

Enthusiasm: A genuine passion for helping others and a desire to grow as a talking therapy professional.

Application Process

Submit Your Application: Send an email to placements@easewellbeing.co.uk. Please provide details about your educational background and relevant experience, and a brief description of why you’d like a placement at EASE Wellbeing.

Interview: Selected candidates will be invited for an interview to discuss their suitability for the placement.

Induction: Successful applicants will undergo an induction process to familiarize themselves with our procedures and team before being assigned a caseload.

Caseload: Once you have finished the induction, we will begin to allocate you clients. We consider a full caseload to be up to 3 clients. (This can be increased for our more experienced therapists or those who choose to allocate more than one placement day to EASE Wellbeing.)

If you are ready to take the next step in your counselling career and make a meaningful impact, we would love to hear from you.

With help I've climbed out of a black hole

“My therapy sessions came at such a crucial time… which released me from years of constant frustration and anxiety. I feel very grateful for the help I’ve received. With help I’ve climbed out of a black hole I’ve been in for well over a year.”

EASE Client