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Vikki Gale

Honorary Counsellor working with clients in Clapham

Vikki is in her final year of the Level 4 ‘Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling’ at City Lit in Covent Garden. The training is Integrative, meaning Vikki is able to apply a range of concepts from different therapeutic approaches; her work is currently an integration of Person-centred, Psychodynamic and Existential theories.  Vikki believes that we all have an innate ability to self-actualise; to reach our own unique potential, given the right conditions for growth. She sees the client as the authority on him or herself, and aims to support them in finding their own approach to life’s challenges. Vikki creates an effective counselling environment where the client feels safe, heard, accepted and valued. This builds trust and encourages the client to be open and express their thoughts and feelings without judgement, leading to self-acceptance, better self-awareness and autonomy. If clients feel lost or confused, Vikki can help them to find their inner voice and rediscover their true identity, values and needs.

Vikki has been a teacher for 17 years, in which time she has built many solid and productive working relationships with students and their parents or carers. She has worked closely with educational psychologists, play and art therapists and pastoral managers within school, as well as outside agencies, social services and mental health services such as CAMHS. Vikki has excellent communication skills and a strong ability to build and maintain positive, trusting relationships. She is naturally empathic, caring and genuine and passionate about personal development, wellbeing, growth and learning. Vikki thrives in helping roles, where the human relationship is pivotal to her work.

Vikki is a student member of the BACP and she is committed to its ethical framework. As a former teacher, she exemplies many of the values that underpin the counselling profession, and she is committed to professional conduct and good practice. Vikki is responsible, trustworthy and diligent, and she has a strong sense of justice and fairness, with a good understanding of equality and diversity issues and their impact on the therapeutic relationship. Vikki has lived and worked in Spain, Malaysia and Nigeria, as well as the UK. She gained a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in adjusting to their cultures and learned a great deal from the people she lived and worked with. These experiences have become ingrained in Vikki’s values, beliefs and way of being.  

Vikki is doing her placement at EASE Wellbeing, as the final part of her training. She sees clients in the Clapham therapy room on Mondays.


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