EASE Engaging Activity Supporting Existence


EASE Handbook is forthcoming but please enquire engage@easewellbeing.co.uk for access to our WIKI page for information

Professional indemnity insurance – provided by placement.

Clinical Risk Assessment

Risk assessment – EASE assesses and manages risks to self and others utilising a tool called Grist, a well established standard for this prodedure in both primary and secondary care.


Complaints procedures – Complaints are initially handled by the CEO and may be escalated to the governing body of the clinician. All clinicians are regulated and insured.

Disciplinary & grievance procedures – Disciplinary matters are initially considered internally and if unresolved proceed to a more formal arena in which external professionals are employed to adjudicate. Furthermore, clients are always afforded the opportunity to approach the management of EASE and seek further advice from regulatory bodies.


Record-keeping & confidentiality – All records regarding patient identifiable information are maintained on a secure server that requires two-step authentification to access. Confidentiality is maintained other than if risks are identified in which case information is shared according to Information Governance procedures. Furthermore, confidential information is only discussed in personal supervision which also conforms to standard issues of confidentiality.

Consent (forthcoming)

Consent to Treatment (Forthcoming)

DNA (forthcoming)

DNA Policy (Forthcoming)

Equality and Diversity

Equal Opportunities – EASE abides by this issue in accordance with standard equal opportunities in line with statutory requirements

Safeguarding and child protection

Safeguarding and child protection – When issues relating to the safety of children emerge and are articulated by clients that we see, clinicians refer to statutory services and social services safeguarding leads and professionals.

Service User

Service user evaluation – Service users identify their goals for therapy at the outset of their referral and the evaluation of their progress through therapy is monitored both by clinicians and identified by service users at the end of the therapy and at 3 and 6 month follow-up sessions.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety – Standards of health and safety are adhered to in all premises that we work, whether in the EASE offices or in GP premises.