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Meet the team at EASE Wellbeing

The EASE Wellbeing team bring a wealth of expertise from different disciplines to help EASE provide the best possible service to our clients.

I have a better understanding of why I am who I am and that it’s okay to be me. I have a greater acceptance of myself.

EASE Client

Counselling team

Donal Pyne

Honorary Counselling Psychologist

Jez Taylor

Honorary Counsellor

Lorena Ayerbe

Honorary Counselling Psychologist

Counsellor for anxiety and depression in Clapham

Lottie Spivack

Honorary Psychotherapist

Tom Walters

Honorary Counsellor

Veena Limbachiya

Honorary Counselling Psychologist

Board of advisors

Dr Jon Goldin

Jon Goldin

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Jon Goldin BSc (Hons) MB ChB DCH FRCPsych is a Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Great Ormond Street Hospital and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Child Health. He is also the Elected Vice-Chair of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Faculty Executive at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

He is the Royal College of Psychiatrists Lead for Parliamentary Engagement. Dr Goldin has an interest in public engagement and lobbying around CAMHS issues and has been interviewed widely on both TV and radio.

Tahir Hussain

Consultant Surgeon

Tahir is a distinguished consultant vascular surgeon working at a major London NHS Teaching Hospital as well as in private practice.  He understands and believes strongly in the relationship between physical and mental health.

Tahir recognises this is an important topic that is of paramount importance to integrate within the healthcare industry and has written articles with Mark Rayner, CEO of EASE Wellbeing, about the correlation between a person’s mental health and cardiovascular health.

Tahir puts every individual he treats at the centre of their care, listens to their concerns and needs and creates a treatment plan that is right for them. He a tutor at the Royal College of Surgeons and a visiting lecturer at Imperial College London.


Ernesto Spinelli


Professor Ernesto Spinelli has for many years been known as a personable professional who has led the world in his work with people and training people to be able to provide really effective help in times of need

He has always
maintained a focus on the central importance of relationships and has brought the ideas about relating and how we all relate to each other to the forefront of the work of counsellors and psychotherapists

He has gained an international reputation as one of the leading contemporary trainers and theorists of existential analysis as applied to psychology and psychotherapy and, more recently, the related arenas of coaching and conflict mediation.

He is a Fellow of both the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), a UKCP registered existential psychotherapist and an APECS accredited executive coach and coaching supervisor. 

Dr. Joel Vos

Chartered Psychologist

Joel is passionate about supporting individuals to live a meaningful life, even when life can be difficult and this passion is evident through the variety of contributions he has made to the field of psychology.  He has dedicated much of his research career to understanding how people are able to live a meaningful life in difficult situations, such as during COVID-19, unemployment, and when faced with chronic or life-threatening diseases like cancer. 

Joel is an experienced Chartered Psychologist and Philosopher with a human approach to relating his knowledge to the helping professions of counselling and talking therapies. 

Joel has and remains at the forefront of movements to impact social change as well as holding conferences focusing on how to use ideas around living with meaning to different groups of individuals who have diverse beliefs and values. He shares his wealth of knowledge and experience through teaching at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling and Metanoia and has a keen interest in the arts, music and other complimentary endeavours.  

Key areas of Joel’s professional work: 

International Meaning Events and Community 
Vos, J. (2020) Psychology of Covid 19: Sage, London 

Vos, J., Roberts, R., & Davies, J. (2019).
Mental health in crisis. Sage. 

Senior team

Mark Rayner

Mark Rayner

CEO Founder, MA, UKCP

Mark started EASE Wellbeing as a community interest company that provided therapy to people at an early stage of their difficulties, as he understands it is important to access effective support as soon as possible.  He has taught at all post-graduate levels in this field and has always has a focus for his students on how they may take what they learn and apply it to working with individuals in need.  He believes in developing the personal capacity of all individuals and considers the work of clients and clinicians to be work that is rewarding and challenging and always collaborative.  

He worked as a senior psychological therapist in both primary and secondary sectors of the NHS for 17 years. He worked as a lecturer, supervisor and course leader at Regent’s University London for 14 years and has taught post-graduate programmes at other major universities. He has published evidence of effectiveness as well as a protocol for the delivery of this intervention and has written a book chapter demonstrating case study material. He has also spoken at conferences around the world about early intervention, deconstructing the medicalization of misery, challenging stigma and the delivery of cost effective and robust interventions.

Chekkie Kauntze

Senior Supervisor, DPsych, HCPC

Chekkie Kauntze is a Lead Clinician and Supervisor at Ease Wellbeing. She creates a relationship with both her clients and EASE supervisees where they can be honest and open about their concerns and feelings.  She is a qualified Counselling Psychologist and in conjunction to working at EASE sees clients through her private practice.

We can all face difficulties in life at any age and Chekkie has experience working with clients from adolescence through to adulthood and has supported people who have experienced anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, chronic pain and fatigue, addiction amongst many more.

 Chekkie is accredited with UKCP, BACP and registered with the BPS and HCPC.


Jan Sheppard

Jan Sheppard

Senior Supervisor

Jan is the Clinical Supervisor at EASE. The primary aim of his work is to increase understanding and deepen insight into patterns of experience and behaviour which clients identify as problematic and wish to clarify and resolve. He supports clients to live authentically, meaning to be ourselves, rather than be someone we are told or expected to be. 

Jan specialises as an individual, couple and family psychotherapist with over 20 years’ experience working in both the NHS and in private practice. He is registered as an existential-phenomenological psychotherapist. 

Lauren Sayers

Lauren Sayers

Project Manager

Lauren Sayers has worked at EASE Wellbeing since 2015. When working with clients Lauren helps them to foster a sense of empowerment and courage to be able to face life’s difficulties independently. During her time at EASE Lauren has developed their training material, co-developed their clinical handbook, as well as conducted research and co-published articles. Lauren is involved in the recruitment and training of the clinical team and creates a supportive and encouraging environment for all our team.  

In conjunction with working at EASE Lauren has volunteered as a counsellor at Childline and is currently volunteering at a charity providing therapy to women and girls who have experienced abuse and violence.  She is a registered Psychotherapist with the BACP and is in her final year of completing a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling.  

Key areas of Lauren’s professional work:  

Vitali, D., Santini, A., Sayers, L., & Mospan, A. (2020). Implicative dilemmas and symptomatology measures: A practice-based evidence study of existential therapy.

Journal of Constructivist Psychology, Journal of Constructivist Psychology. Volume 33, Issue 4
Pages 351-366

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