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Struggling with purpose

Purpose in life is a major area of research in the field of the effectiveness of talking therapies.

Life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of a person’s life.
It can provide the reasons for getting up in the morning.

Purpose can:

Having purpose

Purpose can be found in different areas of our lives. It will be different for everybody, but many find purpose is connected to one or all of the following:

Vocation – meaningful, satisfying work.

Relating – the relationships we have with loved ones, friends and peers.

Belonging to the various communities that we engage with gives us a sense of a shared values and goals.

Lacking purpose

A lack of a sense of purpose leads quickly to:

Lacking purpose can have negative consequences on our physical and general health as well as leaving us feeling down and unable to engage in life.

The feeling that life has no direction or reason can be very frightening. 

Finding purpose

We all find our own purpose in life in different ways and through different means.

When we are able to discover something that is purposeful to us, it connects us to a sense of willingness to try and reach our goals. 

It stimulates self-worth and can help us feel connected to others.

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How we help

Talking therapy does not offer any prescriptive set of purposeful activities but rather works hard to establish what might be of interest and have meaning for each individual. 

We provide a non-judgemental and compassionate space where you can be yourself and speak honestly about your experiences.

In talking to one of our team, we will help you to gain a good understanding of your values, beliefs and attitudes towards life.

Through this process you are able to discover or recover, that which seems to have purpose for you. 

We offer face to face therapy from three London clinics:

Everything helped me

“Everything helped me understand more of me, gave me ideas. The therapist asked questions of me, which made me ask questions of myself.”

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