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Struggling with work

Since the beginning of modern talking therapies over 120 years ago, work has been associated as one of the most important aspects of having a meaningful life next to love. To live and to work were considered to be the key ingredients of a successful life.

As a society we are often concerned with what we do, how we live and how we work. For some it is about how we choose not to or feeling unable to.  In recent times, work-related stress has caused many people to feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.

It is very important to recognise that the word work and what it means to and for people can play a central role in how we regard ourselves and others and how others regard us.

Working well

Work is not just about earning money although it can sometimes feel like it is. When we engage in work that is meaningful, rewarding and challenging we can gain a huge amount from it.

It can offer a sense of belonging, a sense of a shared purpose and of pride and confidence.

Monday blues

Work can also be the source of much stress, distress and anxiety

When we are engaged in work that we don’t care about or find unsatisfying, it can erode our self-worth and lead to feelings of depression

It can negatively impact our sense of identity and leave us feeling alone or hopeless.

The workplace

Can be a great source of community and friends. It can reaffirm our sense of who we are and leave us feeling empowered.

But it can also reveal aspects of how we relate that leave us feeling disempowered, isolated and unhappy in the relationships we have formed there.

How we help

Talking therapy offers a place to consider the complex relationships and role of work in our lives so that we are better placed to deal with working too hard, feeling we are not able to work enough or evaluating the role of work in our lives.

You can unpack the attitudes, beliefs and values that contribute to what you want from your working life and to identify what might be missing, in need of changing and how this might be achieved.

We offer face to face therapy from three London clinics:

A great listener

“My therapist has been a great listener. Very interesting linking many behaviours and helping me realise what I can do to change my responses in many fields.” 

EASE Client