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Struggling with confidence

Having confidence means believing in yourself and your abilities. People who feel confident trust that they have control in their own lives.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that they know how to do everything or that events won’t be problematic. But confidence means that you feel you have the resources to cope with, and manage, challenges as well as take advantage of opportunities.

Some of our clients come to us because they have never been confident. Others feel a loss of the confidence they had in the past. This can seem absolute or in a particular aspect of their lives that is important to them.

The absence of confidence can affect a person’s health and wellbeing. It tends to shrink their world and prevent them from engaging in the ways that they would wish.

Learned competence

Confidence is not a simple matter of something we have and can maintain without a lot of ongoing effort.

We are not born with all the knowledge and skills we will need, but as we grow, we learn to do things for ourselves.

Confidence is an outcome of this learning. The more we do, the more confident we generally get.

The impact of others

Confidence doesn’t just come from within. The feedback we get from those around us has a huge impact on our confidence too.

Beginning with parents this group will expand to include teachers, friends, colleagues, and sometimes complete strangers.

How they respond to us can build, prevent or erode confidence.

Losing confidence

If we experience difficulty in our relationships, routine activities, or as a result of a sudden event, we can quickly become unsure of ourselves.

This can start the process of self-doubt and sometimes we fall into a space where we begin to avoid doing the things we want to do, with people we want to be with.

How we help

Talking therapy is offered in a confidential and compassionate space. We will walk beside you as you look at how your experience affects you and impacts your daily life. 

We will talk with you in detail about your values and really explore those qualities in your life that you place importance on.  

In talking about that which is meaningful and that you care about, you are able to regain a sense of how you would like to be and identify how to grow your confidence. This can help you restore or discover, a sense of control over your life. 

We offer face to face therapy from three London clinics:

I'm capable of a lot more

“I feel that I’ve got control back. I think I’m capable of a lot more than I thought I was.”

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