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"The whole experience has been very helpful"

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How we work

The EASE Wellbeing approach is built upon the central value of conveying a sense of hope that help is on the way. We are committed to providing support within 5 days of referral. 

We also believe in addressing your concerns in as short a time as necessary. In addition to being effective, clients are confident that their investment in time and money is kept to as little as possible. 

Your journey with us starts with an assessment so that we can understand your concerns and make sure EASE Wellbeing are the best service to support you. If we feel there are other services who could help you more, we will discuss these options with you.  

Taking your next step

We are not here to judge you or tell you what to do.

This a confidential space where you can tell your story and be yourself. 

You can either choose to have an appointment online or face to face. Prices start from only £40 at one of our three London locations in ClaphamHackney or Mill Hill.

If you would prefer to meet with one of our senior therapists, prices start from £60

We offer short-term and long-term approaches as described below.

We offer face to face therapy from three London clinics:

Should I choose short or long-term Therapy?

It is a misconception that you cannot achieve meaningful and in-depth work in a short-term approach. However, it is true that some clients want to explore aspects of their life in a way that can benefit from a longer-term approach.  

Below is a list of ideas to help you think about which approach you would prefer. It is not exhaustive. Nor should you feel that if an idea resonates, that you must choose that option. They are only a guide. Therapy is personal to everyone, so it’s what feels right for you.  

Short-term therapy

16 weeks starting with an assessment

You are ready to speak about your concerns now.
Goal-focused therapy – You decide what your goals are. These are the focus of the work we do with you.  

Self-reporting – We ask you to feed back on how you are and to assess how helpful you are finding therapy

counselling Clapham

Medium or long-term therapy

Our medium term therapy is 6 months long and our long term therapy is 1 year long. Both lengths include an initial session to establish whether we are the right service for you. You can always start with short term and move through to medium or longer term if you feel continuing the support from EASE is beneficial.
You could choose either of these lengths if:

You think it will take time for you to feel comfortable speaking about your concerns.

You prefer to explore aspects of your life at your own pace without being goal focused.

You like longer-term support through an ongoing difficulty such as a bereavement or divorce.

At the first appointment or over a number of initial appointments, we will ask you whether you want to take the short or longer-term approach. If you aren’t sure, you can discuss this with your therapist. 

Regardless of which one you choose, our team member will look to establish a kind, engaged and attuned therapeutic relationship that has your needs and preferences at the heart of the work you do. 

You are welcome to speak to one of our team for more information.


Somebody who understand and can help

“Having somebody to talk to about my problems; somebody who understands and can help me. Being able to put goals together and trying to achieve them. I am in a better state of mind now than when I started and this is due to the therapy.”

EASE Client