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Everyone will experience stress at points in their lives. It is sometimes described as pressure.

Stress is one of the body’s natural responses to threat.

There is no single way to define stress.  It can’t be completely eradicated and you wouldn’t want to. It can be useful, but when we talk about feeling stressed, it means that we need to find ways to manage our levels of stress and the frequency with which we feel it.

Stress is often experienced in short bursts but can become problematic when it is felt for long periods of time or triggered by seemingly trivial things.

Stress as aid

Stress can be exhilarating and motivating.

Stress can help us to meet targets and to achieve many things

Pressurised situations can help us to focus our energies, whether physical or psychological

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Stress as a hindrance

Stress can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially when experienced for long periods of time or in a particularly intense moment.

It can leave us feeling like we walk through life with a huge weight on our shoulders.

It can drain the fun and enjoyment from the things we normally like to do and make them feel pointless.

Stress over long periods can lead to a sense of being powerless leaving us feeling hopeless.

The effect on our bodies

Stress can be felt in our bodies and in our minds.

Heart rate often increases and we can feel breathless as our bodies try to absorb more oxygen.

The body can feel tense, some people find themselves clenching their hands or jaws.

A feeling of pressure in your head can leave you with headaches.

All of this is your body preparing for fight or flight. This is meant to be a short-term response to threat. Over long periods of time it can damage our physical health.

How we help

Talking therapy is an opportunity to explore issues that we find stressful and disabling with someone who is there to listen to how stress is affecting you and see things from your perspective. This is the way to commence the understanding and recovery from stress: to explore how it affects you.

When we discuss these situations in talking therapy, we can learn both how to navigate through stress and change our relationship to those aspects that caused us stress.  As a result, the impact on us is significantly reduced.  This enables us to be more involved in our lives and able to cope with ups and downs as they occur. 

We offer face to face therapy from three London clinics:

So happy that I came for therapy

“I think this service is very important for people having problems. Helped me go through a hard time. I am so happy that I came for therapy.”

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