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Struggling with bereavement

Bereavement is a form of loss typically associated with the death of someone important to you.

Bereavement is an aspect of experience that we will all have to address at some time in our lives and yet it is a subject rarely spoken about.

Even though we will all have the experience of loss and bereavement, it will be deeply personal for each of us and something that we all respond to differently.

There is no right way to respond, no right way to grieve.


Each person will have their own experience of grief but it is not unusual to experience some or all of these thoughts and feelings:


As we go through life our understanding of ourselves, the world and the deceased will change.

While the loss of someone or something, may be permanent, in many ways, we maintain a relationship with them, that evolves with us. 


The experience of bereavement can also be felt during other types of loss.

These can include:

How we help

We believe that at some level, whether we immediately recognise it or not, loss is at the heart of that which brings people to therapy.

Something or someone is not as you would wish it to be or how you have known it to be and, in this loss, your sense of identity suffers and you feel estranged from how you would like to be.

At EASE we are here to be with you in this very personal experience.  The professional but warm relationship in talking therapy cannot replace that which is lost. But it can be a bridge for each individual, to assist them to reach forward to a place that restores hope for the future while also recognising the irreplaceability of that which has been lost.

We offer face to face therapy from three London clinics:

Kindness, advice and support

“Thank you so much for all your kindness, advice and support. I am incredibly grateful.”

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