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Our life is made up of many relationships. They can be wonderful and fulfilling but also difficult and complicated.

Relationships are central to our sense of belonging, identity and self-worth.

Friend or foe

When we think of the word ‘relationship’ we most commonly mean with others. But in a very real sense we also have a relationship with our experiences and very importantly ourselves.

How do you treat yourself? Do you offer the same compassion, goodwill and empathy that you might give to a friend?

What do you need?

Its not always clear to us what we need from our relationships. Understanding what is truly important to us and what might be missing is vital to having satisfying relationships.

Sometimes the challenge is valuing ourselves enough to believe we can ask for or seek out what we need and want.

This is equally true of professional and romantic relationships.

Communication and conflict

How we communicate with other people can have a huge impact on our relationships.

Sometimes we don’t tell the other person how we feel or what we need. Over time this silence can lead to resentment or worse contempt.

Not expressing ourselves or feeling unheard can mean that rather than communicating effectively, things can come out in anger.

Arguments rarely deliver the message in the way we want or enable the other person to really hear what we are saying.


Our values, beliefs and attitudes make up how we see the world and is called our worldview.  When our view of the world leaves us stuck or struggling to understand how to cope, we struggle to relate to the world, the people in it and our relationship with ourselves suffers.

How we help

Talking therapy is a human conversation and a relationship that directly focuses upon how we all relate to each other and allows each person to consider and evaluate how they are impacted by and impact the relationships in their lives.

We pay close attention to the individuals’ difficulties and struggles and we are devoted to being with how difficult it can be to sustain our relationships.  This can involve re-evaluating that which is important to us.

We can help promote your understanding of the beliefs, values and attitudes that impact your ability to relate in the way you want.  It can be a chance to better recognise your needs and think about how you can voice them.

You can consider the ways in which you communicate with others and how that might be aiding or hindering your relationships.

We offer face to face therapy from three London clinics:

In the long term, this going to help

“Has given me a better understanding of how I form relationships and relate to others. In the long term this is going to help me navigate difficult situations with my parents in particular as well we as my friends and partner.”

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