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Elisa De Martini

Honorary Counsellor working with clients online and in Clapham

Elisa De Martini – fully qualified Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Therapist and Sex Therapist in Italy, BACP membership in UK.

When people embark on a psychological journey it is often because they feel a sense of unease that does not allow them to make the best use of their resources, when problems take control of their lives they find it difficult to find balance. Therapy space is a place where people can be themselves in a non-judgmental and expectation-free relationship.

Thanks to her personal and work experience, Elisa provides a nurturing space of acceptance that allows the exploration of thoughts and feelings with respect of the uniqueness of each human being by strengthening personal resources in order to regain well-being.

In 2018, she completed a master’s degree in Sexology (1st class honours) following the completion of a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in 2017 (1st class honours).
The above courses provided her with an ideal opportunity to develop awareness of psychotherapy and counselling theories, including psychodynamic and humanistic integrative perspectives. During this time, she also analysed issues surrounding senses awareness and development, human sexuality, sexual attitude restructuring and marriage and family relations.

To complement her academic experience, she has attained numerous transferable skills through training experience (i.e. Psychological and Psychiatric Department of the Military Hospital -Policlinico Militare Celio, Rome – dealing with PTSD, trauma, counselling, delicate situations and carrying out psychological and personality tests -Rorschach test, MMPI-2, Baum test, WAIS-IV and WISC- and subsequent analysis and interpretation).

Elisa is currently attending the third year of School of Psychotherapy Training (SFPID) in Rome, Italy, which is providing her with the skill set to work as psychodynamic therapist. This is recognised as equivalent to the English path by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), who evaluated her school with the same high English standards, in fact, she has the BACP membership.

Elisa has been living in London since 2019 and her experience here has allowed her to satisfy her curiosity to integrate the various cultural aspects encouraging open-mindedness. Since April 2021 she has been building her experience as Psychotherapist at EASE Wellbeing Centre in London alongside with her private practice open to English and Italian speakers.



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