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We all face challenges in life that are much easier to overcome with the right support.

Struggling with anxiety

We all experience anxiety to some degree. Sometimes we don’t know why we are anxious and sometimes we don’t feel in control of our thoughts and feelings.

Anxiety can be disabling and it can be difficult to cope, leaving us feeling worried, powerless and lonely.

Anxiety can lead us to hide away from our world and affect how we manage daily tasks.

Overtime, avoiding life to reduce anxiety can impact our self-esteem, confidence and trust.

Affordable professional therapy

EASE can help you by:

How EASE has made a difference

With help I've climbed out of a black hole

“My therapy sessions came at such a crucial time when I was experiencing a heightened sense of despair. Our sessions released me from years of constant frustration and anxiety.”

EASE Client

“The ability to open up in a safe space has been a life saver.
I have a new way to process my thoughts”

EASE Client

97% of clients felt their experience of therapy with EASE had provided immediate relief, and would be helpful in future.

Why does anxiety affect me?

Anxiety can be experienced as thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

The sense of anxiousness is a response to fear that can create a feeling of panic or the state of being frozen.

When fear strikes, our body releases hormones that prompt our heart to race. We become more vigilant and apprehensive. For some individuals, anxiety may lead to feeling unsteady and lack of control.

The elusive nature of the source of your anxiety may leave you feeling confused and helpless. This in turn can make you feel isolated and unsupported.

Anxiety is a reaction to perceived danger, commonly resulting in the urge to flee or conceal oneself. While this may bring temporary relief, evading emotions, individuals and circumstances is likely to have a diminishing effect on one’s confidence and faith in themselves and their surroundings over extended periods of time.

Recovery of anxiety in 6 therapy sessions

Clients who self score on anxiety notice a significant change in just 6 weeks with EASE.

This graph shows the average score of EASE clients.  

The clinical line through the middle indicates the level at which the NHS would consider a client in need of their support. 

Recovery of anxiety in 6 therapy sessions

How we work

We know the first step can take courage. Our team is here to answer any questions you have.

We are proud to run a service that 99% of our clients would recommend to a friend.

A little about us

EASE Wellbeing is a community interest company and have been providing mental health support for 14 years working closely with GP practices.

We have since grown and people now have direct access to our services. Our team is led by highly experienced professionals with over 60 years’ combined experience in the NHS, as well as charity and private sectors.

Our supervision team and in-house therapists are trained in several approaches and are all members of a professional body.

Supporting recovery

How to contact us

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How EASE has made a difference to others:

EASE Wellbeing is a Community Interest Company with over 25 years’ experience of delivering timely, cost-effective therapeutic counselling.

"Incredibly supportive and in a non-judgemental space. My therapist helped me recognise the value of who I am as a person and to acknowledge my value. Also, helped understand why I have acted and responded the way I have. It has provided me an opportunity to learn and grow from my experiences"
EASE Client
"Everything, helped me understand more of me, gave me ideas. The therapist asking questions of me which made me ask questions of myself"
EASE Client
"Understand the reasons for my self-criticalness and self-doubt. Accept that I have had challenging experiences and learning from them"
EASE Client
"The ability to open up in a safe space has been a life saver. I have a new way to process my thoughts"
EASE Client
"It has been positive to have someone to talk to who has allowed me to look at the way I think in detail and help me to change this for the better"
EASE Client
"I’m able to use self-help techniques which we have discussed to give me clarity of thought. I am feeling more positive"
EASE Client
"It has let me look at my problems in a different way and deal with them more positively. I’ve learnt to learn to be more accepting and kinder to myself"
EASE Client

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