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This is the outcome of feeling empowerment. A person who is empowered has a greater sense of agency which means they can begin to consider their choices. Without a sense of self empowerment, choice can seem out of our reach.

Gaining a sense that we can make choices by feeling empowered means we have a greater understanding of what, how and where we want to be. We are engaged in a perpetual and ongoing process to be the owner – the agent – of our lives to the extent that our circumstances allow.

With agency comes an acknowledgment that we are responsible for our choices rather than being on the receiving end of difficult situations.  We may decide as agents of our own lives not to do something or be a certain way but with understand and empowerment this is an active choice rather than passive acceptance that the world can be awful.

This has often been thought of as avoidance but with the above we are actively choosing to avoid to not engage in situations or activities that may lead to us feeling or being in a worse position. Choosing and being responsible offers greater opportunity to decide how to engage with others and the difficult world that we might be experiencing and act upon those choices for ourselves.

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Mark and the EASE team for several years. We agreed to be part of a pilot scheme, which thanks to Mark’s continued support has been a tremendous success.”

Dr Frazer Rosenberg – NHS GP

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