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Key Points in Therapy

The final outcome of talking therapies is a sense of being able to cope with the ups and downs of life. In a sense, recovery as an outcome is as much about how we have engaged in the difficult process of asking for help.

This recognition that we cannot resolve our difficulties alone may seem like weakness and for many years, mental health concerns carried a sense of stigma for whose experiencing the ‘invisible pains’ of life. The reality is that it takes more courage to talk about difficulties and it can be exhausting and overwhelming to try to battle them alone.

So recovery is arrived at by each person starting on the courageous journey of engaging with, facing and being with their difficulties.  Therefore, recovery is not the absence of difficulty but the presence of the ability to navigate the world of good and difficult experiences.

Life cannot be perfect for anyone but aspiring to live in as fulfilling or satisfying manner as is possible for each person is the definition of recovery and allows people to notice difficulty as well as see difficulty as the opportunity to grow.

This is the aspiration for talking therapy and at EASE Wellbeing we define it as above. Recovering from the difficulties of problematic experience recognises that as well as being victims of difficult experiences we are also survivors.

This is central to the EASE ethos and attitude of ‘can do’ and ultimately is about deriving a sense of collaborative aspirational endeavours from our engagement in talking therapy so that we can cement a position that seeks to move from surviving to thriving.

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Mark and the EASE team for several years. We agreed to be part of a pilot scheme, which thanks to Mark’s continued support has been a tremendous success.”

Dr Frazer Rosenberg – NHS GP

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