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Key Points in Therapy

Personal resilience emerges in and from a sense of belonging.  The notion of ‘together we can’ resonates strongly across all aspects of society and for individuals struggling.  Together means in relationship with one another.

Struggles are commonly less burdensome for an individual when shared in relationships and in community environments.  In talking therapy, the heart of the work takes place in a relationship where together the struggles of one person are embraced by both client and clinician and leads to a sense of personal resilience.

In counselling and talking therapy at EASE Wellbeing, we try to see the world through the eyes of our client and immerse ourselves in how each person sees their world.  In doing this, we view the difficulties of our clients in a collaborative way.

We do not need an explanation of ‘why’ something is difficult as we would like to see ‘how’ it is difficult, as this starts a true sense of working together to look at difficulties. It takes courage to walk along this road of difficulties, not ignoring them but being with them. This furthers a sense of ‘can do’ and courage to face our concerns together.

It is only by having the courage to face our concerns that they become less overwhelming. It is only then that we can choose to look further or ‘walk past’ some concern or struggle and not to be submerged all the time in these experiences.

  This is where our clients can develop a sense of choice as they view their worlds. People who have a sense that they can choose and be responsible are less destabilised by difficulties and this is the key to having a sense of resilience.

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Mark and the EASE team for several years. We agreed to be part of a pilot scheme, which thanks to Mark’s continued support has been a tremendous success.”

Dr Frazer Rosenberg – NHS GP

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