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Are you struggling with anxiety?

Anxiety can be a very disabling experience. It is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe.

We know millions are struggling. You're not alone. We can help.

Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. It’s particularly common to experience some anxiety while coping with stressful events or changes, especially if they could have a big impact on your life.

Some people experience the feeling of anxiety most days and can’t necessarily understand why.

Therapy sessions starting from £40

How we can help

Counselling and talking therapy is offered in a confidential and compassionate space. We will walk beside you as you look at how your experience affects you and impacts your daily life. 

With your therapist you can spend time understanding the thoughts,beliefs and values that contribute to feeling anxious.

This process helps to regain a sense of control that enables you to manage your anxiety so that you are better able to cope with the inevitable ups and downs of life.

We offer face to face therapy from three London clinics

Choose EASE Wellbeing and benefit from:

Supporting recovery

With help I've climbed out of a black hole

“My therapy sessions came at such a crucial time when I was experiencing a heightened sense of despair. Our sessions released me from years of constant frustration and anxiety.”

EASE Client

How EASE can help you

We have a broad and diverse team of counsellors and talking therapists who have many years of experience providing personalised and recovery focused support.

depression counselling near me at our Mill Hill counselling and therapy office
Mill Hill therapist

Starting your journey with EASE

A little about us

EASE Wellbeing is a community interest company that has been providing mental health support for 14 years while working closely with GP practices.

We have since grown and people now have direct access to our services. With welcoming clinics in Clapham, Mill Hill and Hackney, our anxiety therapy and counselling team is led by highly experienced professionals with over 60 years’ combined experience in the NHS, as well as charity and private sectors.

Our supervision team and in-house therapists are trained to provide a consistent approach and are all members of a professional body.

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99% of our clients would recommend us to a friend

“Incredibly supportive and in a non-judgemental space. My therapist helped me recognise the value of who I am as a person and to acknowledge my value. Also, helped understand why I have acted and responded the way I have. It has provided me an opportunity to learn and grow from my experiences”

EASE Client


What’s different about / better / should I choose therapy via video calls or in person?

The quality of our service does not differ whether you choose video calls or in person therapy. It comes down to personal preference. Below are a few examples of why clients have chosen one over the other: 


  • The home setting is not confidential
  • No access to a device with a working camera or not comfortable with technology
  • Physically being with another person is preferred

Video calls:

  • Our therapy rooms are too far
  • Easier to fit in around their schedule


Whatever your reason is for preferring one mode of therapy over another, our team will endeavour to meet your scheduling preferences.  

How do I pay?

EASE has made paying for therapy sessions as quick and simple as possible. We send you an invoice by email, showing the details of your session type and the price. The email includes a ‘pay now’ button.

Enter the relevant cards details in and confirm payment. You will receive a payment confirmation email so you can be sure everything went through.  

Is payment secure?

Yes. We use Stripe which is a widely trusted payment system used by many large companies including Amazon and John Lewis. We do not save your card details.  

How much does therapy cost?

A face-to-face or online session with EASE costs from £40. Our pricing reflects an affordable rate to ensure we are accessible for as many people as possible.

How long does therapy last?

As a Community Interest Company, we are focused on each person only having to invest in their wellbeing for as long as is needed.

We offer 3 approaches.

A short-term approach that lasts approximately 16 weeks, a medium term approach lasting up to 6 months and a long term approach lasting up to 1 year. It is entirely possible to achieve good and lasting gains within a certain period of time and we have a huge bank of information, feedback from former clients and data from our work, that supports this.

Some clients want to explore aspects of their life in a way that can benefit from a longer-term approach as different experiences and concerns may arise throughout therapy, we want to ensure the length of our support can be individually tailored to each client.

Ultimately, it is our clients who choose the length of therapy, and we are always able to accommodate each person and discuss how therapy is helping.

What is a good time to start therapy as I don’t know if I am ready for therapy?

If you don’t know if you are ready, the simple answer is to contact us. We will offer you a standalone assessment within 5 days. 

This appointment will give you the opportunity to tell us about your concerns and discuss with us how we could support you. This will give you a sense of whether now is the right time. 

A general rule is that engaging with your difficulties sooner prevents them from escalating and enables you to return to living your life in the way you would like to.

What should I expect from counselling/talking therapy/psychotherapy?

At EASE Wellbeing our clients are offered a weekly session of 50 minutes at the same time and day each week. This is a confidential space for you to explore what you want to with a person who is professionally trained to help. You can expect all our team to be compassionate and engaged with supporting you with no agenda or judgment. 

If you have chosen the short-term approach, then you will receive a questionnaire before each session that is there to help you think about how you are feeling. This is one of the ways in which we monitor how helpful therapy is. Because all our clients complete these questionnaires, we have a lot of evidence that this approach works.

During the sessions your therapist will help you to gain a better understanding of your concerns and the way you respond to them, by focusing on your beliefs and values, and the ways in which you currently feel stuck. This will help you in making choices that give you an increased sense of empowerment, agency and an ability to navigate the ups and downs of life.

How can I convince my partner/relative/friend to go to therapy?

If you are looking at this page, you have probably discovered already that this can be really difficult. Ultimately it is their choice whether to seek help or not. You can make sure they are aware of what support is available and encourage them to use it.

If the interaction with the person who is struggling or needs ‘convincing’ is affecting you, then coming to us to talk about that, can do two important things for you and the relationship. In talking therapy, you can acknowledge how the person’s difficulties are impacting on you and get support with this.

Secondly, we can help you with taking the lead and developing a ‘language’ that is less about convincing and more about empowering choice between people.