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Women’s Mental Health

At EASE Wellbeing, we understand there are many unique challenges that women face throughout their lives and here we identify some of these and how we can be of support:


Women still face disproportionate discrimination, stereotyping and unequal treatment based on their gender. These issues, if unaddressed or ongoing, contribute to and increase feelings of frustration, injustice, and diminished self-worth. Talking therapy at EASE Wellbeing focuses on how such issues affect each person differently and inhibit a woman’s ability to achieve her aims, aspirations and goals in life.


Issues related to fertility can include difficulties conceiving (1 in 7 couples have difficulties (1)), undergoing fertility treatments, or experiencing pregnancy loss. This significantly impacts a woman’s mental and emotional well-being, puts strain on their relationship and impacts their identity and relationship with their body.


Poses many challenges especially to women. Including, the pressures of parenting, postpartum depression, balancing work and family life and possibly being a single parent. Without a good support system, it can induce feelings of isolation, depression and being overwhelmed. EASE Wellbeing supports mothers to express their struggles and find internal and external ways to cope with the pressures that motherhood brings.

Relationship challenges

Women can encounter difficulties in intimate relationships, including communication breakdowns, conflicts, and the emotional toll of breakups or divorce. Many women also report an inclination to prioritize others’ needs over their own (being a ‘people pleaser’). This can lead to self-neglect, burnout, and a sense of losing oneself in the process. Through compassionate guidance and a non-judgmental approach, EASE Wellbeing strives to empower women to prioritise and voice their own needs and boundaries, rebuild trust, and foster healthier relationships.


Experiencing physical, emotional, or sexual abuse can have long-lasting psychological effects, leading to trauma, anxiety, depression, and difficulties in building and maintaining healthy relationships. Sexual abuse is suffered by both men and women but over 70% of people sexually abused are women (4). Therefore, in recognition of this, EASE considers it a priority to be able to address these concerns as survivors often are isolated in their traumatic experiences. Talking therapy is an opportunity to express the awful impacts of such traumatic events and move from surviving to thriving.

Career progression

Gender disparities, workplace discrimination, and challenges in balancing career aspirations with family responsibilities are just some of the challenges women face in their professional lives. It can lead to stress, self-doubt, and frustration in their ability to progress. EASE Wellbeing recognizes the unique obstacles women encounter in their career progression. By addressing the underlying emotional and psychological factors that may hinder professional growth, EASE Wellbeing empowers women to unlock their full potential, thrive in their careers, and achieve a fulfilling work-life integration.

Life transitions

Major life transitions such as coming out of academia, changing careers, or entering menopause can bring about emotional challenges and uncertainty about the future. EASE Wellbeing understands that major life transitions can be emotionally overwhelming and create uncertainty about the future. Our counselling services provide valuable support and guidance during these transformative moments to embrace change, find clarity, and build a fulfilling future.

Self-esteem and body image

Women often face societal pressures regarding their appearance, leading to issues such as low self-esteem, body dissatisfaction, and disordered eating patterns. At EASE Wellbeing, we believe that every woman deserves to embrace her uniqueness and feel confident in her own skin. We work with women to address the underlying factors contributing to these struggles and challenge societal burdens women so often face.

Balancing societal or cultural norms

Navigating societal or cultural expectations regarding gender roles, relationships, or family dynamics can create internal conflicts and stress. Meeting others’ standards can create anxiety and a constant need for external validation. EASE offers guidance in understanding and navigating the complex interplay between personal values and societal norms. Whether it be finding a balance between traditional and modern expectations or challenging societal stereotypes, our goal is to empower individuals to make informed choices and cultivate a sense of fulfilment that aligns with their authentic selves.

Eating habits

Both men and women may develop difficulties in their relationship with food but 90% of those who have a disordered and disabling relationship with food are women (2). EASE Wellbeing understands the challenges and harmful consequences that can arise from a disordered and disabling relationship with food. We offer a non-judgmental environment where individuals can explore their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs surrounding food and body image and cultivate body acceptance.

Women's health and hormones

Endocrine disorders have a significant impact on women’s health and the public health sector in general. These disorders have the potential to result in long-term disability, impair the quality of life for those affected, and are ranked as the fifth leading cause of mortality (3). Hormonal fluctuations throughout a woman’s life, including menstrual cycle changes, pregnancy, or menopause, do seriously affect the balance of mood, energy levels, and overall mental well-being. By developing emotional resilience, our aim is to help women effectively manage mood imbalances, energy fluctuations, and overall mental well-being.

How we help

We are here to help women take the first step towards their emotional and mental wellbeing by contacting us today. Our experienced and compassionate counsellors provide a supportive environment where they can explore their concerns, feelings and thoughts in confidence.

Our services are tailored to meet individuals’ specific needs and we are committed to helping every client live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

We offer face to face therapy from three London clinics:

The road to recovery

Clients who self score on mental health notice a significant change in just 6 weeks with EASE.

This graph shows the average score of EASE clients.  

The clinical line through the middle indicates the level at which the NHS would consider a client in need of their support. 

Recovery of Anxiety Graph

With help I've climbed out of a black hole

“My therapy sessions came at such a crucial time when I was experiencing a heightened sense of despair. Our sessions released me from years of constant frustration and anxiety.”

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