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Alessandra Brena

Honorary Counsellor working with clients in Hackney

Alessandra Brena is a dedicated psychologist (National Register of Italy). She is a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and is currently undergoing a four-year specialisation training in psychotherapy at the Constructivist-Narrative Institute (ICoNa srl) in Padua, Italy, focusing on the narrative-constructivist approach. This training is equipping her with the necessary skills to work as a constructivist therapist.

Alessandra is passionate about the constructivist approach, which regards clients as the foremost experts on their own stories. This method focuses on the individual, ensuring their needs and experiences are identified and validated through a collaborative dialogue between the client and the professional. She was drawn to this approach because it directly addresses the subjectivity of each person, avoiding any judgment, preconception, or generalisation.

In her practice, Alessandra consistently strives to personalise and tailor each client’s journey according to their unique narratives, challenges, and strengths. She believes this approach celebrates diversity and inherently supports anti-discriminatory practices across all her work. Through this methodology, Alessandra ensures her clients feel understood and respected, fostering an environment where their individual experiences and identities are honoured and uplifted.

Alessandra’s educational journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques from the University of Bergamo, where she graduated with distinction in September 2020. She then pursued a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Padua, completing her studies with distinction in October 2022.

After completing her studies in Italy and passing the state exam to join the Italian National Register of Psychologists, Alessandra decided to move to London to continue her professional journey.

She is currently a tutor and teaching assistant for the First-Level programme “PC2 Personal Construct Psychology and Counselling” at the University of Padua. This role helped her develop skills in course organisation, student evaluation, intercultural tutoring, and coordination of academic events.

Her professional experience includes working in health psychology qualitative research where she became passionate about conducting thematic analysis and focus groups and working at a domestic violence centre dedicated to supporting women who have experienced violence. These experiences have enriched her understanding and reinforced her commitment to providing empathetic and personalised care.

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