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Francesca Guardone

Project Manager

Francesca has dedicated most of her education to Psychology. Her journey started when she was 19 and she went to study at the University of Padua, one of the most known and ancient university in Italy for this field. At the beginning she studied Psychology more from a biological and neuroscience point of view and after few years she discovered that the humanistic field was more rewarding for her interests. The richness of being with the other, and study how to support a person who is suffering for a mental disease or in the middle of an existential crisis has caught entirely her attention.  For this reason, Clinical Psychology became her main project during her Master degree that she finished with a dissertation about depression.  


Francesca has trained herself in several services from Down Syndrome to the sex workers, trafficking victims, and the underage in vulnerable conditions. Her placement year in a Psychiatric Service of the Italian NHS confirmed her willing to pursue into the clinical field. 

She learnt how to conduct individual and group psychotherapies in an empathic and no judgmental space, finding the best way to support people in suffering. She also dealt with Post Natal Depression collaborating in a service that offered prevention and psychological support to all the mums who gave birth at the hospital.  


After she became a chartered Psychologist in Italy (she is enrolled into the national board of Psychologist), she moved to London where she trained herself to become a Psychotherapist.  

Francesca has trained and worked now with EASE Wellbeing since 2018, over which time has supported many clients by providing short-term therapy with an integrative and goal focus approach. She provides training of our clinical team, conducts research to demonstrate the effectiveness of the EASE approach and is the coordinator of clinicians, supporting them in many aspects of their incredible clinical journey. Francesca trained in Italy at the School of Psychotherapy and Clinical Phenomenology directed by Giovanni Stanghellini. The bracket of the judgement, the focus on the unique way how a person is living his experience, the possibility to finds new words and a new perspective of that situation are the main aspects with whom she develops her clinical work.  


Francesca has moved several times in her life, starting from Tuscany, then to Padua, London and during the pandemic she is back to Italy, Trieste. Her skills to adjust herself in different places during the time helped to developed an open mind and the patience to pursue her goals. Living in several places stimulated her curiosity and her willing to know more and better who is the other and discovered the differences but also the similarities that different cultures might have. This living experience is something precious that contributed to build her values and beliefs not only in her daily life but also in her private practice.  


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