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Dr. Joel Vos​

Chartered Psychologist

Joel is passionate about supporting individuals to live a meaningful life, even when life can be difficult and this passion is evident through the variety of contributions he has made to the field of psychology.  He has dedicated much of his research career to understanding how people are able to live a meaningful life in difficult situations, such as during COVID-19, unemployment, and when faced with chronic or life-threatening diseases like cancer. 

Joel is an experienced Chartered Psychologist and Philosopher with a human approach to relating his knowledge to the helping professions of counselling and talking therapies. 

Joel has and remains at the forefront of movements to impact social change as well as holding conferences focusing on how to use ideas around living with meaning to different groups of individuals who have diverse beliefs and values. He shares his wealth of knowledge and experience through teaching at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling and Metanoia and has a keen interest in the arts, music and other complimentary endeavours.  

Key areas of Joel’s professional work: 

International Meaning Events and Community 
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