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Lizzie Jackson

Honorary Counsellor working with clients online and in Clapham

Lizzie has completed the CPCAB Level 2 and Level 3 Certificate in Counselling skills/studies at Lambeth College, and in continuing her path to become a counsellor is now a Clinician Trainee here at EASE Wellbeing.

Although her path of studies began with biology, her interest in counselling has always been strong. Lizzie has developed several life and work experiences in managing a skin and laser clinic and has learnt a lot; not only dealing with clients but mostly dealing with employees and what their needs are to maintain a good working environment and a good wellbeing. Dealing with their concerns and issues and various mental health challenges gave her a greater understanding of how the workplace can affect different personalities and how to help manage stress levels through support.

On a more personal level, her difficulties and challenges have encouraged her desire to train as a counsellor and help others. Her journey to sobriety has been fundamental to her decision and passion for counselling. Lizzie has always been a great listener to friends and family and her passion to help people is fundamental in her life. The personal experiences she has been through during her life has helped her find a way to support people in difficult living situations and be understanding of other’s suffering.

She thoroughly enjoyed the course aspects of counselling studies to date. Her studies gave her a clear understanding of what it means to be an active listener, delving deep into the person-centred approach to counselling and understanding how important it is to show a client empathy. She is fascinated by the different theories that are on offer in counselling and how they can be used to help people with a range of mental health concerns thanks to the help of an integrative approach, from the person-centred to the psychodynamic and existentialist.

She loves the challenge that is brought about by identifying client needs and the ability for different theories to align together.

Her goal is to work within an agency environment to develop her practice further. She is keen to explore more specialised treatments. Lizzie believes that mental health should be discussed more openly and she is a strong supporter of the current mental health movement that the world is experiencing.


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