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Lorena Ayerbe Carrascosa

Project Manager

She started her psychological training at the age of 17 when she enrolled at one of the top Universities in Spain. At the Complutense University of Madrid, she studied her Psychology degree in English, benefiting from the experience of teachers all around the globe. It was during this course that she discovered her interest in neuroscience, devoting the last year to the study of neuropsychology. Lorena completed the practical part of her course at the University of Edinburgh where she worked alongside the director of the Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems, and winner of the Brain Prize in 2016, Richard G. Morris.  

Lorena moved to London in 2017, in this city discovered her interest in the educational application of the field of neuropsychology when she worked as a Learning Support Assistant in a variety of SEN and PMLD schools. It was the pursuit of this interest that inspired her to continue her education and course an MSc in Educational Neuroscience in a join Master by UCL and Birkbeck University. She was completing her MSc when the global pandemic stroke, and she saw the opportunity to dedicate her MSc dissertation to the study of people learning and anxiety levels can be affected by the increase in household noise.   

It was in 2020 that Lorena joined EASE Wellbeing as an honorary researcher and clinical administrator. Recently, as part of the research team led by Lauren Sayers, they studied the efficacy of EASE´s short-term therapy by evidencing the significant change in clients’ depression, anxiety and distress levels.   

Lorena has been interested in the psychology and philosophy field from a young age, pilling books on these subjects in every house she lived in. Since she moved to London, she began to be interested in the study of the neural perspective of the Autism Spectrum in children, as well as the different strategies and learning plans to support them in their journey. Lorena enjoys learning and being in constant professional and personal development, hence, she is currently studying a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. 


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