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Mark Rayner

Mark Rayner

CEO Founder, MA, UKCP​

Mark has over 25 years’ experience working in a variety of areas in the training and delivery of wellbeing services that ranges from publishing peer reviewed journal papers on statistical impact and success of clinical interventions and theoretical papers considering application of various philosophies and academic positions to clinical practice as well as book chapters that consider case study evidence of effectiveness of interventions. He has also spoken at various national and international conferences on a range of subjects that considered wellbeing, hope, stress, distress, recovery, research and impact of global issues on wellbeing.  He has given a number of radio interviews on similar topics including health and social care impacts on wellbeing as well as personal resilience in the face of stressful and adverse working conditions.

He worked for 24 years in GP level mental health services as well as with severe and enduring mental health conditions in outpatient psychiatry. He was on faculty for 16 years at a central London University where he was a course leader, a lecturer at Masters and Doctoral Level as well as a trained supervisor and facilitator and examiner of dissertations and theses.  He has also taught a broad range of programmes at other universities and colleges, including elective seminars on clinical psychology courses at Hertfordshire University and UCL. In addition, he devised a supervision approach for executive coaching and delivered this to a premier coaching organisation who serviced large institutional clients.

Mark has considered his career in this field as one that supports clients as well as having a strong focus on the personal and professional development of psychologists, counselling psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors. At the heart of his values and beliefs is one of mentoring, coaching and supporting clients and clinicians to achieve the most out of their situations and advance their ability to engage in life in as meaningful and fulfilling manner as possible.  His core beliefs are around collaboration, being personal as well as professional and being able to create and sustain human dialogues that empower individuals and organisations to achieve their endeavours and aspirations whether to be well or be productive or to enhance a sense of community and collective teamwork.

He is available to offer coaching and mentoring to individuals and couples and organisations to contain, consider and evaluate how to aspire to a sense of betterness for themselves and reach out to get closer to hopes, dreams, aspirations and sense of reward in all their efforts.

Mark has a strong background in a variety of approaches to being well and has done and published research and evaluative projects and has strong views about how to help, what could be helpful, what the evidence of what is helpful has been and is contemporarily. Although he has core values that he brings to all meetings around collaboration and validation of struggles or ambitions, he personalises his work so that is meaningful and purposeful for each person or group or corporate entity and their staff that he works with.


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