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Dr. Roni Mermelshtine

Honorary Counsellor working with clients in Hackney

Roni is a trainee integrative counsellor currently studying towards a PGDip in Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

A developmental psychologist, Roni has extensive experience of working in the field of psychology within academia, the private and third sectors. At present, Roni is working in a helping profession, facilitating reflective practice sessions for employees working in social care. 

In the past Roni had training in psychodynamic counselling skills, and her PhD work focused on parent-infant interactions. Whilst Roni’s therapeutic approach is person-centred and integrative in nature, her thinking is also influenced by the idea that our early experiences shape how we understand and navigate the world. 

Acknowledging that we each uniquely experience the world, Roni endeavours to make clients feel fully heard and understood. As such, alongside offering Rogers’ core conditions and taking a psychodynamic stance, Roni focuses on embodiment and therapeutic presence in her practice. 

By providing a safe and compassionate space, Roni aims to work collaboratively with clients to achieve their goals and bring about meaningful change.

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