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Tom Walters

Senior Clinician working with clients in Mill Hill

Before entering the profession of counselling and psychological therapy, Tom gained a lot of experience working in schools with vulnerable and challenging teenagers which has given him deep insights into the development of young people facing the struggles of growing up in difficult environments.  He encountered a variety of issues such as low self-esteem, bullying, anger, lack of confidence, identity and relational issues as these young people were trying hard to grow up and mature in adverse conditions.  In such an environment as education, this was a very difficult place to devote the time and energy that was clearly needed to support these young people.  However, it became clear that with care and attention and a compassionate attitude it was possible to build relationships that were trusting and encouraging.

This early experience gave Tom the motivation and insight into how to be of help as a counsellor and thus led to the enthusiasm to train as a counsellor working with adults as many of these younger people did not have the opportunity to have dedicated counselling to resolve their concerns and difficulties while at school.

He has already been acquiring the attributes needed for working with adults in this sector.  Throughout his previous working experience in school, Tom has demonstrated and developed the emotional resilience, patience and the ability to remain calm in complex circumstances, while treating those involved with ongoing positive regard and respect.

These experiences – professional and personal have instilled in him a sense of curiosity and excitement about being a counsellor. He is eager to continue to facilitate that sense of growth and empowerment in others.

As a qualified counsellor, Tom believes in being proactive but paying close attention to the individual needs of each of his clients.  He has a strong commitment to establish trust, build relationships and create an environment of hope.  He has been with EASE for 3 years and is a senior core member of the team. He applies the approach that EASE offers with consistency, commitment and compassion and has assessed and treated many clients who have benefitted from his devotion to the caring profession of counselling and psychotherapy.

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