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Valentina Pierangeli

Honorary Counsellor working with clients online

Valentina is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist (National Register of Italy), an Honorary Counsellor at EASE Wellbeing, and is currently working as an Assistant Psychologist for the NHS in a Neuropsychology clinic.

In 2018, Valentina completed her training in Clinical Psychology at the University of Padova (IT), where she conducted her dissertation on Patients’ dehumanization within medical contexts.

Valentina has always been interested in exploring the scientific mechanisms underpinning psychological experiences and has vast expertise in conducting research and working with patients in the neuropsychological field. Thanks to this, she has become aware of how the person underneath physical mechanisms and symptoms is too often not given enough relevance by clinicians and has become a strong advocate of a person-centered approach, that privileges human connection and supports individuals while making them feel seen, heard, and cared about.

Valentina is passionate about Cross-Cultural Psychology and is aware that reality is interpreted and constructed differently by each of us. She holds an MSc in Cross-Cultural Psychology from Brunel University (London) and has extensive experience in working with refugees.

Lastly, an important part of Valentina’s life relies on being active and having a healthy lifestyle. For her, exercising is a great way to build self-confidence, compassion, and resilience. She holds an MSc in Sports and Exercise Psychology from Brunel University (London) which, followed by Stage 2 training with BASES UK, enables her to work with individuals and groups around sports and exercise-related topics.


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