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During the Mental Health Awareness month, our team of professional talking therapists at EASE Wellbeing wants to direct our focus towards the pressing issue of mental health and extend our support and expertise to those grappling with its challenges. We understand the prevalence of mental health issues in our modern world, as we navigate the complexities of what some call a ‘Risk Society.’ From local concerns to global crises like the pandemic, the cost of living crisis, and the imminent climate emergency, anxiety has become a common burden with millions living with this mental health issue in the UK alone.

In alignment with this year’s theme of Mental Health Awareness month—Anxiety, we want to emphasise the significance of seeking assistance from our team of unrivalled mental health therapists that make EASE Wellbeing a leading therapist service supplier. Taking this courageous step can prove immensely beneficial in comprehending and managing anxiety, ultimately freeing you from its grip and empowering you to live life to the fullest.

At EASE Wellbeing, we offer a personalised pathway to address your concerns, ensuring a seamless journey towards healing. Our dedicated team responds promptly within 24 hours, ensuring that you never have to wait long for the support you need. Within a mere 5 days, we provide a comprehensive assessment to gain a deep understanding of your unique circumstances. Following that, we extend ongoing support within a remarkable 2-week timeframe from referral, enabling you to embark on your recovery journey swiftly and effectively.

What is the role of an EASE Wellbeing talking therapist?

Our team of trained and qualified mental health professionals will conduct an assessment to understand your specific anxiety symptoms and their impact on your daily life. They will work with you to establish an accurate diagnosis, which helps guide the treatment plan.

Understanding anxiety and its underlying causes is a crucial step in overcoming it. One of our top-standard therapists can provide you with psychoeducation about anxiety, helping you gain insight into its physiological, psychological, and behavioural aspects that have led you to feeling weighed down by anxious thoughts. This knowledge empowers you to recognise your triggers, develop coping strategies, and normalise your experiences.

One of our designated talking therapists will collaborate with you to develop a tailored treatment plan based on your unique needs and goals. This plan may include various therapeutic techniques and approaches to address your anxiety effectively.

What treatment options do our expert mental health therapists at EASE Wellbeing offer for combating anxiety?

At EASE Wellbeing, we can teach you relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, or meditation. These techniques help you manage stress, reduce physical tension, and promote overall well-being.

Our bespoke therapy services provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you can express your thoughts, fears, and emotions openly. Our team of therapists will listen attentively, validate your experiences, and help you break down the thoughts that have been holding you back. They can equip you with practical coping skills and strategies to manage anxiety symptoms that will ensure you are able to manage outside of sessions, when faced with challenging situations. These may include problem-solving techniques, time management, assertiveness training, setting boundaries with loved ones and yourself, and developing healthy self-care routines that make you feel centred and relaxed.

In some cases, medication may be considered as part of the treatment plan for anxiety. Our specialist anxiety therapists can assess the need for medication, collaborate with an external medical professional if necessary, and provide appropriate referrals for medication evaluation if you feel this is the course that suits your experience with anxiety.

The unique ethos and approach that guides EASE Wellbeing’s therapist services:

At EASE Wellbeing, our mission is to empathise with our clients on a personal level, putting ourselves in their shoes and truly understanding their experiences. By doing so, we can provide a transformative process that promotes self-discovery and better understanding of others.

This is the foundation of our therapeutic approach, focusing on the notion of ‘goals’ as the key to change. Our research shows that this approach has successfully benefited 98% of our clients, eliminating the need for return visits.

Overcoming anxiety is often a process that requires time and ongoing support. Our mental health and anxiety specialist therapists can provide long-term support through weekly sessions, where they can monitor your progress, and help you develop strategies to prevent relapsing back to old thinking patterns.

We firmly believe that by engaging with your anxieties as soon as possible, we can create the space and opportunity for you to overcome your struggles with greater ease and efficiency. Let EASE Wellbeing be your trusted companion on the path to mental well-being, guiding you towards a life unburdened by anxious thoughts.

Remember, seeking help from a trusted mental health therapist is a courageous step towards improving your mental well-being. We understand how hard it can be to reach out to others when going through a challenging time, that often makes you feel isolated. At EASE Wellbeing, we can provide guidance, support, and evidence-based interventions to help you overcome anxiety and lead a more fulfilling life.