Ease Wellbeing

How Long does Therapy Last?


There are several answers to this question but the most important for us at EASE Wellbeing is that counselling or talking therapy lasts as long as each person needs to attend. We have developed a short-term approach to this for several reasons.

First, it is entirely possible to achieve good and lasting gains and improvements in your engagement with us and we have huge banks of information, feedback from former clients and data from our work that supports this.

Second, as a Community Interest Company we respect and are focused on each person only having to invest in their wellbeing as long as it is needed – this principle is about keeping costs to a minimum as well ensuring your investment of time is used in an optimal manner.

Third, this is extended by our responding to referrals within a day and offering treatment within five days so that we do all we can to address mental health issues as early in their ‘life cycle’ as possible.

Fourth, from a research perspective, we know that concerns improve most significantly over the first four sessions. We also know that the gains or improvements in therapy start to plateau between 24-30 sessions. At EASE Wellbeing, we have 15 years of knowledge that our ten sessions plus our two follow up sessions have benefited over 85% of our clients.

However, ultimately, it is our clients who choose what length of time in therapy they prefer and we are always able to accommodate each person and discuss how therapy is helping.