Ease Wellbeing

Difference and Diversity


All humans are part of the human race and, as such, are equal. However, every human being is also unique. People from the same country, ethnicity and culture will experience their heritage and position in their communities in a different way. We believe it is not so much that we are either the same or we are different but rather that we are both similar and different.

We know that not all people are treated equally or have equal opportunities even if it is generally stated that this is the guiding principle of our social organising systems. Even if we have rules and regulations in place to try to ensure equality for all, we still know that people experience their opportunities differently and are not treated the same.

We live in a world with others, and they may not always share our beliefs and values. A multicultural environment has the potential for great benefit but it can also be a source of conflict and misunderstanding. For people who come from one culture or social organising system to feel whole and live side by side with different attitudes and values is not easy.

This creates very real challenges for people to develop a sense of personal identity as well as a sense of belonging.

The central task of counselling and talking therapy at EASE Wellbeing is focused on our client’s personal experience of living in a world of others and how they can belong with a sense of individuality as well as participate in the various activities and pursuits of their families, friends, cultures, beliefs and communities.


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