Ease Wellbeing



At EASE Wellbeing our counselling and therapy begins with a collaborative process to establish the areas of concern and difficulty a person wants to work on. We encourage everyone to describe their situation in detail so we can get a sense of how counselling and therapy can help.   

Then comes the setting of goals, which is the beginning of all therapy and an invitation to the client to explore what their hopes and aspirations are for their time in counselling and therapy. Goals are central to all the work that we do with each person and allows for the work in counselling and therapy to be personalised and meaningful for each of our clients. 

It is important for our therapists to be able to understand not just what the problem is but also to be mindful that each person will respond to similar problems in different ways.  This is because we all have different values, beliefs and assumptions about the world, such as spiritual or religious beliefs which interact with a web of other important factors, like family or cultural values and needs. 

Working in this way allows us to embrace the uniqueness of each client. By going through and understanding a client’s difficulties and how they want to change, provides a personalised road map through which the therapeutic journey can be navigated. 

It is important to note that goals may need to be amended during therapy, it might be that the work starts off in one direction and you find that something else arises that you feel needs your attention, that is completely fine. Like any map, it is there to provide a guide and reference point not to act as dogmatic framework that cannot be deviated from.  

At the heart of what we do with each person who comes to EASE Wellbeing for help, communicating a helpful attitude and a hopeful perspective is our focus throughout the work that we do with each person.  This is a stance that has been used for over 15 years and over 80% of our clients report that they are able to achieve the goals that they identified to a significant degree in just 9 weeks.